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Do you often find yourself struggling to get good phone reception? Do you frequently tell your friends and family you simply can’t hear them, because you have ‘no signal’? Then a mobile phone signal booster could well be the answer! We are proud to sell signal boosters that have been specifically designed to be used in Ireland, meaning that whether you’re at home, at work, or a little further afield you can be sure that you’ll always have excellent signal. With this one simple product, you can turn no signal into five full bars of signal, and never struggle to use your mobile phone again! When it comes to boosting your mobile phone signal, it helps to have an expert on your side. We specialize in selecting and stocking the right signal boosters to suit your needs. We also ensure that all of our mobile phone boosters are affordable and easy to use. What’s more, we’re delighted to offer the following services as standard to each and every one of our customers: 

We have an appropriate  mobile signal boosters for home  and the entire office.  One of our various products will surely give you the coverage you need. We want you to be worry-free when it comes to your communication system. Just follow the link to find the type of booster you are seeking.

We have signal boosters that are able to cover all frequency bands. Regardless of your network carrier or whatever technology you use, we have a product for you. Our products will help boost all mobile signal frequencies being used by leading carriers in Ireland and keep you connected all the time. Mobile Signal Boosters are required in many places, whether it is your home, office or other. You can browse our high-quality products according to your usage requirements to determine the correct booster for your needs.

If you need to cover your home, office, or any other property, we offer many options for you to choose from.  Simply match the area size to coincide with one of our boosters. Our large variety of mobile phone signal boosters can cover the most commonly used range of preferences.

Our boosters work with all major carriers in Ireland. So if you are using Vodafone or any other carrier, we have a product that will be compatible.  You need not have concerns of our reliability.

Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Phone Signal Boosters

Not quite sure what a mobile signal booster is? Unsure if it’s the right product for you? The technology is much simpler than you might think, unlocking unprecedently high levels of mobile phone signal wherever you are and in just minutes. Most of us rely heavily on our mobile phones: they are the most widely used form of communication in Ireland, and provide a vital link to the outside world, particularly for individuals that are living in remote locations or have limited mobility that means they struggle to get out and have face-to-face contact on a daily basis. We use our phones to make calls, send messages and share images, even to browse the internet and check email: without a good level of phone signal, none of this would be possible. That is why a mobile phone booster is such an essential piece of kit if you feel that your existing level of signal simply isn’t up to scratch.

Mobile phone boosters don’t create mobile phone signal. Instead what they do is amplify your existing coverage levels, helping to turn one bar (or even half a bar) into five full bars of signal. Whenever you need it, every time.

The Mobile phone signal booster is a device that attracts signals from your network provider or carrier that are in the air through an outdoor unit (usually an outdoor antenna secured to the side of your property or building) and transmits it to an indoor unit. This process boosts the signal that you will receive. The technology involved in creating this amplification is very advanced: the indoor digital booster has complex circuitry that shouldn’t be modified by anyone other than a specialist in the field. The booster then sends the amplified signal to the indoor antenna and it is this antenna that will boost your phone signal (which is why you will notice that your signal improves the closer you are to it). The antenna transforms the received electrical signal into waves of the same frequency as received by the outdoor antenna, meaning that you will receive the best signal possible from your network in your area. When using your mobile phone once the booster is in place, you won’t notice that your signal is wavering or that it cuts in and out, because the received frequency is non-varying in nature.
Confused? The good news is that understanding how the device works isn’t necessary: you simply need to ensure that your signal booster is plugged in and switched on! But by understanding how your mobile phone signal booster works, you can more easily determine just how essential this piece of kit is to ensure that you’re connected to the world, via your mobile phone, whenever you want to be.
Once that you’ve decided that you need a mobile phone signal booster, your next decision is to choose the right one.

Our Money Back Guarantee

No business is perfect, not even ours! There will very occasionally be times when we make mistakes, or when our products simply don’t work to the incredibly high standards that we always set ourselves. If this happens to you then our first step will be to apologize for letting you down. Then, we will offer you a full money back guarantee.
There are several reasons why your mobile phone amplifier might not work correctly. These include the device not being set up properly, not using the right connections, or problems with its amplification. No matter what the reason you think your mobile booster is not working, get in touch with our 24/7 help line: no matter what the time of night or day we are ready and waiting to take your call and help you to get your signal back to full force! Our support team will be able to run through your set up with you, test your device, and will do whatever they can to get your signal booster back up and running again. And if they can’t ensure your product is working at 100% capacity? Then you will get your money back.
We are certain of the incredibly high quality of our signal boosters: we develop them and manufacture them in-house, and then test them to the highest possible standards using simulation techniques to ensure they are perfectly suited to the unique mobile phone challenges faced by our customers in Ireland. But if our product isn’t perfectly suited to your specific mobile phone signal challenges and is not boosting that signal in a way you would like then simply return it to us within 30 days of your purchase for either an exchange or full refund (the choice is yours).
Our returns policy is straightforward and hassle-free. We work hard to help you as much as possible and, if we can’t, just return your system to us so that we can return your money to you as quickly as possible. And until you have that cash in your hand, our help and support line will remain available to you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Need Help? Call Our Award Winning Support Team 24/7 at 019 079 518

How It Works

Installing a phone signal booster is not difficult at all. Follow our 15-minute easy set-up procedure precisely. It’s simple enough for your pre-teen to do!

2 step set up

  1. You just have to place the outdoor antenna in a place where you expect to get good signal reception and connect the outdoor antenna to the booster with the long cable that we provide.
  2. Then connect the small antenna with the repeater (booster) and plug in the power cord to the power outlet.
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We are here to help

Do you have any questions or queries about our mobile phone boosters, or are you struggling to find the right mobile signal booster for you? Then why not get in touch? We love talking about mobile phone boosters and would love to hear from you! Simply call our 24/7 hotline to speak to one of our friendly customer advisors and mobile phone booster experts. We’re always happy to help!
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Some people accept their poor phone signal as part and parcel about living in rural Ireland. But most people grumble about how bad their signal is, and wish they could have phone and internet access that is faster and clearer. If this is you, then it’s time to stop moaning about your terrible mobile phone signal and start doing something about it instead!

It is now possible to purchase a mobile phone signal booster that will improve the quality of your signal no matter what phone provider you use, and if you and your partner, family or friends are on different phone networks then you can even choose a signal booster that will boost more than one network at the same time. We can provide boosters than will work for Vodafone,  Three Mobile, Meteor and many more networks too.

You can use your signal booster at home, at work, or even in the car, meaning that you’ll never have a reason to be without crystal clear signal again. We can even provide signal boosters that will also work on boats, in hotel rooms, in caravans and any other home or holiday destination that you can think of. Meaning you’ll have to find something else to moan about instead!

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